Hidden Valley's Jezebel, CDX ND

8/30/90  -  7/23/05


-ROMX CH Dreamalot Val of Hidden Valley UDX               (Val)
Hidden Valley Cricket UDX,AX         (Cricket)
-Hidden Valley Fantasie,
UDX, TDX, NA          (Fancy)



-OTCH/ADCH/FDCH Hidden Valley After Midnight UDX,OA,NAJ     (Raven)
OTCH,U-OCH Wya Megan of Hidden Valley UDX,TD,AX,AXJ    (Megan)
Hidden Valley Tarawynne's Lad
U-CDX          (Lad)
-Hidden Valley's Moonstruck CD,TDX,AX,AXJ,FM       (Augie)
Hidden Valley Beau Bravo CDX, OA, OAJ       (Bravo)

Hidden Valley Paddy O'Shea PT NA     (Paddy)
-Hidden Valleys Chelsea CD   (Chelsea)

-Hidden Valley Tom FM       (Tom)

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