Congratulations to Justy, "Hidden Valley's Just for Fun HX", for placing 8th in Nursery at the National Sheepdog Finals!!

Justy - one of many successful Lefty x Reina puppies, all grown up!

See Video of Justy, KBCA Benefit Trial, 3rd in USBCHA Open!

"Before Justy had even entered his first herding trial, Linda put in for her vacation time, from the Cincinnati police department....she wanted the two weeks in September to cover the USBCHA  Nationals because she and Justy were going to drive (no flying for Justy) all the way across the country where Justy would compete in the Nursery Finals.  Linda was certain that handler Lyle Lad was taking Justy to places she had never dreamed possible and she was going to hang on tight for the ride...  When Justy would go to a trial, Linda would bring him, deliver him to Lyle at the gate and take him back at the end of his run.  She was chastised by the pros for playing ball with Justy after an especially good run.  But through out, Linda did it her way.  She believed in Justy and trusted Lyle.  Today, Justy brought it home."

  "Eighth place overall, in a field of 60 dogs...dogs handled by the best herdsmen in the country....Justy won over those who write the books.  Like there wasn't enough suspense already, it peaked when Justy came from 28th place at the close of yesterday, just slipping into the top 30 cut, to 8th place at the close of the trial.  What a day...what a trial...what a dog....what a trainer and most of all, what a loyal dedicated owner Justy has.  My hat is off to Linda.  Congratulations!!  This is a very proud day for Hidden Valley Border Collies.  Thank You!"

Footnote:  Justy also excelled at the 2008 AKC BCSA Nationals.  See more, HERE!


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