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Hidden Valley Border Collies

The Mothers of Hidden Valley

After thanking my own Mother, I would like to acknowledge the Mothers of Hidden Valley.  The girls who have brought such joy and meaning to my life, and happiness to the lives of so very many others.  My wonderful Hidden Valley family is HUGE 🙂

In 1984, starting with my dear sweet RosieDreamalot Dandy Rose, UD.  I was extremely fortunate to get a puppy from the very last Dreamalot breeding and though Rosie was my second Dreamalot dog, she became my Foundation Bitch.  She was a dream of an obedience partner, love to live with, and produced 12 magnificent puppies.  Six from a herding line and the other six came from what became my Foundation Dog, Jester ….  Wondereye West, CD Jester, aka Jessie.  Rosie contributed greatly to even the puppies being born today.

Rosie and Jessie produced my first Dreamalot-Wondereye breeding. Out of that, came Ellie …  Hidden Valley’s Jezebil, CDX.  Ellie was bred to Scott, a magnificient herding dog, three times and produced 20 puppies.

Rosie’s first litter, of ‘one’, from the herding line, produced Mariah, the first to have Hidden Valley before her name.  She was Hidden Valley’s Mariah, UD.  She is summed up by the song…they call the wind Mariah.  No doubt about it, that girl was the fastest, flashiest and most eager of any dog I’ve ever owned, even to date.  Mariah was one incredible dog!!  Mariah produced 17 puppies, all by my Jessie.

From Mariah and Jesse came Echo …  Hidden Valley Echoes the Wind.  Sweet beautiful strong Echo.  Unfortunately she came into my life at a time when the dogs were on the back burner, so did not get trained in any sport.  She did however give me the best gift of all…My Lefty … VX ROMX Hidden Valley Left in the Dark, HX CDX OA NAJ PATDs  This being Mothers Day, Lefty will have to wait for Fathers Day.   Echo produced 15 puppies.

However, if not for Lefty, I would not have the next in line, my wonderful Delta ..  Hidden Valley After Dark, CD MX MXJ XF AD.  Delta brought me agility.  She came with the speed of Mariah and the drive of Lefty.  I did my best and we had a blast.  Second to agility, Delta loves TV and swimming.  Delta remains the HV matriarch here at home.

Delta gave me the love of my life Bindi ..  MACH Hidden Valley Wet’n Wild Bindi, MXS MJS MXF T2B AAD.  Bindi helped me learn about agility and gave me my first MACH.  Bindi is the ruler of the roost and my 24/7 shadow.  There has never been a better canine partner in life than my Bindi.  Bindi only produced six puppies.

One of the six is my excitable girl Mya .. Hidden Valley’s Mystic Charm, OA OAJ OF.  Mya is a work in progress and someday with shine.  She’s just so bloody fast!

My thanks to these girls who I have shared my life with.  I owe you everything and love you all so much.

There are other girls who have played an important part in making each puppy produced here today a part of the Hidden Valley family, but without the dogs above, they couldn’t have done it so well.  These wonderful girls are Reina, Taxi, Storm, Reddy, Majik, Onyx, Fergi, Rhea, Calli and Juno (thanks to Daisy).

There you have it, 29 years of Hidden Valley Girls.






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