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Hidden Valley Border Collies

Hidden Valley’s Taylor Made

Taylor came as a surprise present from my Lefty, who left me at 13 years old, back in 2008.  Lefty’s frozen semen was used on Daisy Peel’s Juno to produce a puppy for Art, who only wanted a puppy from Lefty.  Art, being a boy dog person was a bit disappointed when the Lefty lookalike was a girl.  I knew the second my eyes fell on that Lefty girl, she was going to be mine.  I put up a good fight, feeling that my plate was full with Mya and Bindi in full agility swing, knowing it just wasn’t the time for a new puppy.  I even tried talking Art into taking the girl who looked so much like the Lefty he loved, but in the end, he was a boy dog guy and chose one of the two boys, who he named Doc (Hidden Valley’s Back to the Future)  The third and last puppy, another boy, went to my good friend Kathy, who named him Rev.

Taylor remained and took no time getting deep into my heart and soul.  She was  Lefty girl and Delta’s half sister.  She quickly nudged out all but Bindi and became my best friend and new agility dog.  We’ve had fun in agility and will continue doing so for a long time to come, happily barking her way around the ring, trying to hurry me up or tell me off, but always making me smile.  In every day life, she is my constant companion, up for anything anytime.  Oh how I love this girl!

At three, Taylor is moving on to a new chapter in her life.  Motherhood!  She has puppies due in March, bred to a dog named Tag.  Tag is a brother to my Darcy’s sire, George, both boys living in MO.  I’m excitedly looking forward to Taylor’s new role.

Hidden Valley’s Taylor Made

VX ROMX Hidden Valley Left in the Dark, HX CDX OA NAJ PATDs





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