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Hidden Valley Border Collies


I would like to start off the New Year, and my new ‘News Blog’,  by congratulating all my Hidden Valley puppies, and their owners, who have qualified to go to the AKC Nationals this year.  

JOVI  MACH ADCH Hidden Valley Slippery When Wet, MXB MJB T2B   (Nancy Bousquet of GA)

FLASH  MACH3 Hidden Valley Brilliant Flash, CD TQX MXS2 MJB2 MFS T2B AAD   (Art Brest of OR)

REBUS   Hidden Valley Rebus, MXB MJS MFS T2B3   (Phil Cooper of OR)

WILLA   Hidden Valley Willa, MXB MJB MXF T2B4    (Di8ane Cummings of WA)

PING   MACH ADCH Hidden Valley’s Wild Cadenza, MXS MJS MXF   (Jean Eichenlaub of CA)

MYNX   NAC MACH6 Hidden Valley Mynx, MXS2 MJC2 FTC1 MFB2 TQX T2B11   (Robin Kletke of WA)

DART   MACH2 ADCH Hidden Valley’s Red Arrow, CD MXB2 MJB2 MXF T2B   (Dave Mancino of OH)

ROWDY  MACH Hidden Valley’s Ruffnready, MXS MJS XF T2B   (Robert Michelon of OR)

WISKEY  Hidden Valley’s 100 Proof, MX MXB MXJ XF T2B2   (Lisa Michelon of OR)

ICE   MACH2 ADCH Hidden Valley Crouching Tiger, MXG MJC XF   (Bonnie Norris of TX)

BINDI  MACH Hidden Valley Wet’n Wild Bindi, MXS MJX MXF T2B AAD   (Donna Polka of OR)

SKY   MACH Hidden Valley Flying Sky High, VCD1 MXB MJB TSB CD TD   (Kathy Reyna of OR)

DIGSY   MACH ADCH Hidden Valley’s Some Might Say, MXS MJS XF    (Shelly Salwei of OR)

BUSY   Hidden Valley Kinetic Energy, CDX RE HSAs MXS MJS MFS T2B3 AD    (Pam Sturtz of NY)





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