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Rose City Classic & Puppies leave

It should have been a four day trial for Bindi and I, but was cut short by two days when Delta, Bindi and Mya all came down with a case of food poisoning the day we were set to leave.  Art went on ahead to deliver Calli’s puppies to their new owners, Sandy Rowan and Tanya Sacks, while I stayed back to care for the girls.  I did get to go for the last two days and Bindi was awesome, even on the heals of being sick.  Her only fault in her four Std & JWW classes was a table slide off, going 3/4, with a few ribbons thrown in.  She ran ISC at her height and came in 3rd place in Std.  IM not so HO, Bindi ROCKS!

It was great seeing my HV puppies, old and young, as well as so many friends.  Flash had some great runs, fast and furious al always!  One day Jennifer’s Dare won the 20″ T2B class and another day Autumn’s Reign won the 20″ T2B class.  Big wins in a very competitive class.  I got to see Patty run Jazzie to perfection in a jumpers class, which was very exciting.  Mynx, well what can I say, she’s nothing short of fantastic, winning H.I.T. two of the four days.  Babies Doc and Drama stole the show 🙂

News from down South, Jean’s Ping earned her Bronze ATCH, while teamed up with Jan’s Velo, who earned her AAD.

Here at home, for me it’s all about Taylor, who is growing up way too fast.  Already four months old.  Taylor 4 Months


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