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Great trial with Super great friends

Art and I went to the Doberman trial at Ridgefield WA this past weekend.  Awesome time with so many of my HV friends and their puppies.  Kathy Vogan was there with Yankee, who I have not seen in probably five years.  So good to see Kathy and Yankee having so much fun and looking good too.  Susan Risner was there with Nevi and Avie, who had some fantastic runs.  Wayne and Jane Schultz were there with their young dogs Cammie and Jag.  Three Open Jumpers titles were earned at the trial on Jane’s Jag, Daisy’s Chipper and Shelly’s Tate.  It was thrilling to watch them run so well.  Digsy was amazing, as always.  Art and I came home with Double Qs on Flash and Bindi.  Got to watch the incredible Mynx win more H.I.T.s 🙂  Calli’s twins were there, Caitlyn with Tonya and Space with Sandy.  So so so much fun to see them.

Mya is starting to show that she’s pregnant…due on the 21st of this month.  I’m very excited!

I’m going to Florida to visit family this week.  It’s been way too long since I’ve seen my mother and the rest of the Florida clan.  My two sons, Joe and Jason are going with.  We plan on having a great time 🙂

The Calli-Solar 10 week old Twins…Caitlyn & Space

Caitlyn & Space 10 weeks



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