Breeder's Corner

Hidden Valley Border Collies

RENO…Here We Come!

I’m happy to announce that TEN Hidden Valley teams will be competing at the 2015 AKC agility Nationals in Reno next weekend.

I’m especially proud that Bindi and I are one of them.  GOOD LUCK to everyone and let’s have FUN!

Here are the Hidden Valley stars to watch:

FLASH  MACH3 Hidden Valley Brilliant Flash and Art Brest.

REBUS   MACH Hidden Valley Rebus and Phil Cooper.

WILLA   Hidden Valley Willa and Diane Cummings.

PING   MACH ADCH Hidden Valley’s Wild Cadenza and Jean Eichenlaub.

MYNX   NAC MACH6 Hidden Valley Mynx and Robin Kletke.

ROWDY  MACH Hidden Valley’s Ruffnready and Robert Michelon.

WISKEY  Hidden Valley’s 100 Proof and Lisa Michelon.

BINDI  MACH Hidden Valley Wet’n Wild Bindi and Donna Polka.

SKY   MACH Hidden Valley Flying Sky High and Kathy Reyna.

DIGSY   MACH ADCH Hidden Valley’s Some Might Say and Shelly Salwei.

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